Quality Education for All

I believe that everyone deserves access to a quality education. As a single part of two daughters, I have lived the struggle of trying to get my daughters an affordable but good education. I support, and will fight for, a fair funding formula that will increase the funding received by the Philadelphia School District - so that no student in Lower Merion gets more funding than a student in Philadelphia. Furthermore, as an artist and cultural producer, I strongly believe that the arts, STEAM and alternative education/career exposure opportunities should be returned to the base curriculum in every school.

I will fight:

  • For every Philadelphia school by advocating for a fair funding formula
  • To better our public schools rather than replace them with charter schools. I would support legislation that stops the privatization of our schools, and that includes putting a state-wide moratorium on new charter schools.
  • Advocate for and support legislation that provides teachers with robust salaries and annual pay raises, as well as strong benefits and collective bargaining agreements
  • Heavily invest in higher education and push for our state budget to funding our community colleges

Affordable Housing for All

I believe that housing is a human right. The reality today in the newly drawn 10th district is the tensions of gentrification in West Philadelphia. As more and more luxury housing is developed, I see more residents being displaced and rents increasing to rates that are unaffordable to working class families, young adults and single parent families. I have advocated for affordable and subsidized housing for years through my roles as Co-founder of Mill Creek Community Partnership, and Director at the People’s Emergency Center and with New Kensington Community Development Corporation. Most recently, I have been immersed in organizing a resident engagement, activism and capacity building campaign to uplift the voices and power of the University City Townhomes Residents.

I would fight:

  • To ensure that all new construction projects include affordable units, increased rent to own options, support credit repair, homes repair subsidies, housing counseling and estate planning to increase single family home acquisition for existing residents
  • To expand rental relief and eviction protects
  • To create a transparent, accountable process for state-level development grants to be funneled into the new 10th district

Criminal Justice Reform for All

Our current criminal justice system sets up our children for failure by criminalizing poverty, targeting black and brown communities and creating a positive feedback loop that makes re-entry hard and recidivism likely. I will fight so that our children are not simply set up to become a source of revenue, which starts at the juvenile detention center just a block away from my house.

I would fight:

  • To outlawing of all discrimination policies that create barriers for ex-offenders successful reentry. We need to make it easier for people to re-enter society, not harder.
  • For sentencing reform. This looks like absolishing all mandatory minimums, the death penalty, life without parole and for the ability of juvenilles to be tried as adults.
  • To reduce the number of people entering the criminal justice system by investing in more prevention and diversion programs
  • To eliminate the use of cash bail
  • To support a moratorium on all new state prisons

Healthcare for All

I believe healthcare is a human right and I would fight for passage of a statewide Medicare for All bill. I believe that we need to decommidify healthcare and that doing so would open doors for a more holistic healthcare that is centered in community care and prevention - and includes trauma informed practices.

I would fight:

  • To increase access to healthcare for those who do not traditionally receive healthcare through their employers, such as part-time employees, independent contractors and seasonal workers.
  • To get increased funding for subsidized child care, support increased funding and reimbursement rates for childcare and elder care providers so caregivers are guaranteed a fair wage, which will improve quality of service.

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But I can’t do it alone. As none of my work has been about me, so too is this campaign about us building a better future together. As Philadelphia grows so too should our collective power. Let’s fight together to win.


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